Texas Energy Day

Do you like to help educate children, pave roads and improve lives? Do you have a phone, use a computer, wear shoes, or play baseball, football, golf or tennis? Do you want to keep Texas safe and secure?
If you answered YES to any of those questions, you are a supporter of Texas oil and natural gas. Because oil and natural gas components are used to make these activities and products possible!
We want you to join us as we head to the Capitol and engage with our State Senators and State Representatives. The tentative agenda is below. Please join us for this free event, all you have to do is register and make plans to be in Austin on March 22!

10:00-10:30 Welcome Breakfast Briefing and Material Distribution
(Schmitt-Jones Family Life Center)
10:45-12:00 State Senate/Representative Office Visits
12:00-1:30 Lunch on the Lawn with Capitol Staff and Visit our Outdoor Displays
1:45-3:15 Speaker Series. Attendees Q&A with top lawmakers

It is clear that the oil and natural gas industry is central to our daily lives here in Texas. Please join us and show your support for Texas oil and natural gas!
*This information will be used to identify your State Senator and State Representative.


  • The oil and natural gas industry creates high-paying jobs and generates revenue, including $13.8 billion in FY’ 2015 in taxes and royalties that directly fund our schools, roads and emergency services.

  • The oil and natural gas industry produces 96% of products and materials that we use every day like plastics, medicines, computers, life-saving devices and more.

  • Because of natural gas, renewable energy resources are possible.

  • Technological advances continually improve air quality and keep drinking water safe. With the help of fracking and natural gas-fired power plants CO2 levels are near 20-year lows.

  • Thanks to fracking, Texas is the nation’s #1 producer of oil and natural gas.


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